A Decade of Great Country Music


L-R: Brett Fenech, Lindsay Waddington, Melissa Bajric, Bob Easter, Norma O'Hara Murphy, Paul Rowe Festival FM, Graham Rodger & Neil Buttsworth


nominee and the winner of a swag of high profile song writing awards, his songs have been recorded by many country performers including Australia's great country legend Slim Dusty. Graham is no doubt one of Australia's greatest songwriters, and now after establishing his own label, has 8 CDs and 3 DVDs to his name.
In 2003 Drover Classics was created, when it was found  that  a  full collection  of   5  times


Cutting the cake: Melissa Bajric, Bob Easter, Norma O'Hara Murphy & Graham Rodger


Golden Guitar winner  Norma O'Hara Murphy's  music  could no longer


2010 marked the 10th Anniversary of Drover Music, and to celebrate all the drover artists joined together to present a spectacular showcase at Butler's Auditorium during the Tamworth Festival.
The past 10 years had been a wonderful journey and everyone involved is very proud of it.  From the  very beginning to the  great success of all


be purchased. Drover Classics re-released all nine of Norma's albums on CD and her "Live In Bundaberg" video on DVD, making all of her music once again available to the public.
The master of Norma's very first album "Rodeo Queen", released back in 1982, had unfortunately deteriorated and some of the original music was



The Cake

of the Drover artists today, the show took everyone back through the pages of Drover's history to tell the Drover Music story.
Who could have known all those years ago, that an idea conceived in the paddock of Poley's Place on the Barrington would have taken us all along this amazing path.
When Bob Easter, Drover's very first artist, stepped into Lindsay Butler Studios to record his debut album, a new chapter of his career began. Bob's music was immediately


lost. Not to be defeated, Norma & her album went back into the studio and more music was added to what was left of the original master.
The first album any artist records is always special, but even more so when it's proven to be the beginning of such a long and successful career. Making "Rodeo Queen" once again available to the public was a very special moment for both Norma and Drover Classics.
Norma O'Hara Murphy has the ability to capture in her songs the true essence of this beautiful and sometimes harsh country. She's been inducted into the Hands of Fame, immortalised as Songmaker of the Year, and she's been an ARIA finalist.
All four of these wonderful performers stood proud in front of a full house during the Anniversary Show to share their personal Drover story and their music with some of the family, friends, fans, and media that have made this success story a reality.


picked up by country radio and played Australia wide. His music has let him travel extensively across Australia and take the songs he loves to sing to the people in all those country towns that can relate to every word. Now with 3 albums under his belt Bob's distinct pick and strum guitar and true Bush Ballad style has earned him a respected place in the Country Music industry.
Melissa Bajric  was just  16  when  she  joined  the  team  as  Drover's


2010 was a year of celebration for Drover Music with both Melissa Bajric and Bob Easter returning to the studio to record their new solo albums.

The management of Drover would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been part of the Drover journey for your continued support, and we hope you continue to enjoy the music that we make.


second artist, and over the past 9 years she has carved herself a stable place in the Country Music industry. She's earned national and international success, releasing several singles to overseas radio and charting in the top 10 in the European ECMA Charts.
Melissa's 3rd album "Small Town Girl" saw her gain recognition as a songwriter, when she was awarded a prestigious TSA award for her song "The Little Girl In Me". This album also took Melissa's music to a new audience with 3 singles being released as film clips,  all placing  in the Top 50 on the Country Music Channel charts.
Drover was able  to  assist  Graham Rodger with his album "Steering Wheel Drovers", and enable him to return to Lindsay's studio as Drover's third artist, to record a second album. Graham's career, from the very beginning, has climbed  higher  and   higher.   A   Golden   Guitar


Graham Rodger, Melissa Bajric, (Lindsay Waddington background), Bob Easter, (Brett Fenech background), and Norma O'Hara Murphy