Drover Music  was inspired by the wealth of Country Music talent in Australia, most of which remains relatively unknown to the general public, and it was established to provide a pedestal for the best of these ‘independent‘ performers to be put into the public eye.

From Bush Ballads through to Country Rock, covering the full sphere of Country Music, but all Australian sounds and all of international standard; these performers can be seen at most of our country music musters and festivals.

Drover Music’s mandate is to foster the range of Country Music talent in Australia through the production and distribution of high quality country music CDs, and promote the label’s performers through the Country Music media across the nation.


Drover Classics  was formed to ensure the preservation and ongoing availability of some of the great country music that has been produced by many of the finest award winning artists in Australia.           

The highest award available in Australian country music is the Golden Guitar, and many Golden Guitar winners have produced multiple award winning albums throughout their careers, the majority of which often having been put on the shelf by the original recording companies.

The role of Drover Classics  is to assist in getting great works such as these back into the marketplace, and ensuring that they remain available to the fans and general public on an ongoing basis, for generations to come.

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